MrBbcue is here to save you !

You would like to have a barbecue party soon at home but you absolutely do not know where to begin to plan it? You need some advice to well choose your menu and make some tasty barbecue dishes? So do not look further anymore: mister barbecue is here to save you!


Because we are personnally cooking lovers, and especially barbecue lovers, we wanted to create a blog just like us: so you will be able to find many tips and tricks to manage to make of this event a friendly and welcoming time. You will also have the opportunity to chat online on our forum with millions of other barbecue lovers: you will share your advice and your best barbecue experiences, and you will benefit from budding cooks tips and tricks.


If you like barbecue cooking and that you are looking for a website entirely dedicated to your passion, so you will probably enjoy our blog: indeed we give you a lot of advice to suceed your barbecue party, and some recipes as well for every cooking level. We also provide you some products reviews and full tests of several barbecues, to help you in making your choice. Moreover, you will be able to benefit from good deals to buy your barbecue at the best price. We also give you some recipes ideas to go well with your meat, anf even some vegetarian menus ideas for your veggie guests.


Because a barbecue cannot be trully successful with no tasty sauce to go with your dishes, in this section you will find a lot of hacks to find the best sauce according to the food you intend to cook. And for the expert cooks, we provide you some recipes to learn to make your own homemade sauces. We also put the spotlights on a different sauce each week, to enable you to discover some products that you may not know.

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