Be original and add your own magic ingredients!

Want to dazzle your guests with original dishes? Take a tour on to find different ingredients that will give a more subtle touch to your recipes. Why not try the delicious taste of edible insects during one of your evenings with friends? These magic ingredients are rich in protein. It can be used to make any sauces and preparations to taste. Here are some recipes based on locusts and molitors that will certainly please your guests.

Insect-based pizza

You'll need pizza dough, some edible insects, bunch mushrooms, tomato, black olives and some grated cheese. Start by spreading the tomato over the pizza dough. Finely cut the mushrooms and place them on the pizza. Arrange the insects on top and sprinkle with the grated cheese. Put in the oven for half an hour before serving hot. This original recipe is ideal for your pizza parties!

An entree with edible insects

As an entree, this quick and easy recipe is sure to please your guests. To make it, you will need cucumber, tomato, black olives, cottage cheese, basil, garlic and herbs. Do not forget edible insects for an original flavor. Cut the cucumber finely. Mix the cheese with crushed garlic. Chop the herbs and mix with cheese. Cut the tomato and black olives into cubes. Put some cheese on your cucumber slices. Add a few cubes of olives and tomatoes. Put some insects on top and decorate with a basil leaf. It's ready !

Tortillas with edible insects

For your aperitifs with friends, try this recipe of tortillas prepared with locusts. Start by roasting your tortillas on a pan to make them crispy. Crush a clove of garlic in a mortar. Put some salt. Add a ripe avocado and keep crushing. Mix with the juice of a lemon. On each tortilla, you will place a teaspoon of guacamole, then add a few locusts and a coriander leaf. To enjoy with a good glass of wine !